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Digital Brochures

Provide detailed information in an easy, compact format.



Custom brochures are of great use, not only do customized brochures give customers nostalgia, they are also incredibly informational. At Indie Printing, we specialize in utilizing and implementing customized brochures online ordering that will give you an edge when marketing your product due to our large variety of paper stock and professional options.

Production Speed

  • SAME DAY PRINTING:  Send us your files before 12:00 noon.
  • NEXT DAY PRINTING: Send us your files before 2:00 pm.
  • 3 DAYS PRINTING: Send us your files before 3:00 pm.

Each size refers to the flat sheet (horizontal by vertical), so the final size of your brochure will depend on folding options. For a flyer (which has no folding), the final size will match the selected size in the calculator.

Save time by using our free templates. Our templates have been setup with proper bleeds and margins, assuring your print job turns out accurate. To download, select a file type and click on the size below.

Gloss Text

  • Standard glossy paper stock with a shiny finish that provides an excellent opaque base for rich process color printing
  • The most popular stock for brochures, flyers, posters, etc


  • Slightly heavier and more premium feel than a standard white copy paper
  • Smooth uncoated texture
  • Flimsy but durable; great for brochures